Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is a specialised service designed to restore and maintain the cleanliness of tile surfaces and the grout lines in between. Trained professionals utilise advanced cleaning techniques, including high-pressure steam cleaning, to effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains. This process not only rejuvenates the appearance of tiles but also ensures a healthier indoor environment by eliminating contaminants and promoting the longevity of the surfaces.

Understanding the Process

Ameticulous inspection identifies areas with built-up dirt, grime, and stains

Specialised pre-treatment s are applied to address stains before deep cleaning.

Advanced cleaning techniques, such as high pressure steam cleaning, are used.

High-pressure steam cleaning effectively removes dirt, allergens, and contaminants.

Tile and grout cleaning rejuvenates surfaces, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

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(FAQs) about Tile and Grout Cleaning

We recommend professional tile and grout cleaning every 12-18 months, depending on usage and the accumulation of dirt and stains.

Yes, our specialised cleaning solutions and techniques can often restore the original colour of discoloured grout, leaving it looking refreshed.

Yes, our cleaning process is effective in removing mould and mildew from tiles and grout, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

Absolutely! Our cleaning process can breathe new life into old tiles, rejuvenating their appearance and enhancing the overall look of the space.

Yes, our cleaning methods are adaptable to various tile types, including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone, ensuring safe and effective results.

No, our professional cleaning methods are designed to be gentle yet effective, ensuring minimal impact on the integrity of your tiles and grout.

We recommend applying a sealer after professional cleaning to protect the grout and extend the lifespan of the cleaning results.

Regular sweeping and mopping, promptly addressing spills, and using a neutral pH cleaner can help maintain the cleanliness of your tile and grout between professional cleanings.